Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bantu KnotOut Flat Rolled UpDo

After moisturizing and sealing my hair overnight with EVCO (extra virgin coconut oil) and one of my favorite leave-in conditioners: Vitapro Fusion Leave-In Hair Treatment by Giovanni, I put my hair in three regular bantu knots. One at the back, and two on the sides close to the top.

Bantu knots, give you the same result as cold wave rods, and are a great way to get your hair curled without using heat. 

After fluffing out the curls a bit, I then flat rolled my hair at the base, and then pinned using bobby pins. I always make sure that my bobby pins have the protectors at the ends like this.....

so that I don't injure my scalp and/or cause breakage to my hair.

This style is an all ages one, and can be worn casually or formally, as well as be accessorized with any hair accessory of your choice.

These three products shown are are all that I used. I didn't add anything after styling.


  1. I like it!!..Simple yet Cute!!!

    1. Thank you honey. It took about 5 mins or so to do it. Super easy and quick. :)