Thursday, May 24, 2012

TifftheZETA and Mz. Mandi's ColorBlock Party - May 2012

OMGosh! I got to the event late and totally missed the fashion presentation!!! On April 30th, I worked with Nicholas Moore - one of the designers who is also a singer, on his photoshoot in preparation for this event.

If you refer to my article BLiNk Couture Fashion Photoshoot, you will see the footage. When I got there and walked through the door, I was just in time to hear, "And that was BLiNk Couture by Nicholas J. Moore!" - and his presentation was the last of all!!

There was more entertainment after the fashion presentations, and I was able to capture Nicholas doing his thing on the mic and literally wearing it out, because I don't think it worked properly after that! LOL!

Let me tell you, the child can more than carry a tune! Voice is as powerful as a sonic bOOm!

Check it out! 
Enjoy! video

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