Monday, May 28, 2012

Scarborough Renaissance Festival - May 2012

The Scarborough Renaissance Faire which began in 1981 is an annual festival that runs for 8 consecutive weekends and Memorial Day Monday each Spring in the town of Waxahachie, Texas. It is a Renaissance-themed festival based on the year 1533, during the reign of England’s King Henry VIII.

The 'village' is built up within a 167 acre site, and you can find costumed patrons, 'residents' and characters in the fashions of that Medieval period. The 'villagers' even speak with the accents and the language of that time! I love it!!

There are 21 stages for entertainment, and 3 full combat jousts taking place each day! Daily falconry demonstrations are also performed.

The shops feature unique hand-fashioned craft items, made from scratch by artisans from around the country. Demonstrations are also available at different times throughout the day in candle making, glassblowing, blacksmithing, leather crafting, coin minting, printing on a Guttenberg Press, broom making, etc

The people of long ago made sure to eat heartily, as the more robust you were, the richer you were considered, since you could afford to eat aplenty! The food that is served at this festival are the traditional large sized portions of beef ribs, turkey legs, pork ribs, etc. Non-traditional foods such as hand made pastas, seafood, stir fry, steak-on-a-stick, Scott's eggs, Italian Ice, etouffee (Cajun seafood stew), empanadas, fajitas, meatball sandwiches, baklava (Turkish sweet pastry), quiche and pastries ye can also find! 

For drinks, well ye olde pubs and taverns serve up extra, extra large mugs of ales, a variety of beers, wine, mead (an alcoholic wine made from honey), and frozen drinks.

There are special programs where students can visit and learn some history, as well as appreciate it in full since it is being re-enacted. You can also have your wedding here and really can marry a knight in shining armor!!

This was my first time attending this event, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Check out the video for the footage I captured.

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