Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Textured Hair Care Bible

Reading the title, you probably are like "whatttt?" Yesssssss, there is a bible for those of us who have textured tresses. At least, that's what I call the book.

This is probably the best book that I have every read! It is a must have for anyone who is about to embark on or is already on a healthy hair care journey. The author, Mrs. Audrey Davis-Sivasothy provides us with a comprehensive guide to caring for textured hair that is easy to read and understand. The book also includes suggestions of products to include in your regimen.

I am not much of a reader of books that don't have pictures in them (LOL), but when I got this in my hand, I read half of it without putting it down!!! Yessssss, it is that interesting and informative!!

There are about four versions of the publication. Paperback (color and black and white) and hardcovered (colored and black and white), and exists as a text such as this or as an e-book.

You can purchase for download to your Nook, Kindle, Ipad or other e-reading device from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

I purchased my copy from Barnes and Noble, but I am certain that it can be found where ever books are sold online or in stores. Retails for about $24.95. Visit Barnes and Noble online:

Get your copy today and be totally enlightened while you have a happy, healthy hair journey.

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