Saturday, March 17, 2012

Healthy Hair Reflects Light

Everyone loves healthy looking hair. Healthy hair and skin are two indicators of how on track our internal health is. 

Want to add that healthy, moisturized looking sheen to your hair? Commercial oil sheen sprays are mostly made up of mineral oil which is not good for hair. Mineral oil only coats the hair shaft and in fact does not moisturize it! It just leaves you hair feeling oily, but dry at the same time!!

Here is an alternative that your hair will love and is actually great for adding sheen and sealing in moisture to it....

Yes!! Edible, 100% food grade grapeseed oil!!!! It is......

1. Also great for use on your skin.

2. Suitable for all skin types as a moisturizer as well. 

3. Light, odorless and DOES NOT clog pores -  attributes which make it the perfect base for making lotions.

4. Excellent for adding to your favorite conditioner(s) to give that added slip (degree to which hair is easily de-tangled), resulting less breakage and effort and time spent de-tangling.

5. Easy to find at your local supermarket or organic food store, and costs around US$5 for a 24oz  bottle.

If you also intend to use the same oil for cooking, I would recommend that you fill a spray bottle and have that separate for use in your hair. 

After styling my hair, I applied some GSO for added sheen. The oil not only gives that sheen associated with healthy hair, but provides continuous moisture without weighing my hair down, and leaving it dry, but oily at the same time like mineral oil does.

I love GSO!! try it, I'm sure you would too.

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